OSIAJEE TEXFAB LIMITED was originally incorporated on 13th February, 1995 as a Public Limited Company in the name & style of “Osiajee Housing Finance Limited”. Subsequently, the Company changed its name from “Osiajee Housing Finance Limited” to “Osiajee Housing Developers Limited” with effect from 10th January 1996.

The Company was incorporated with the main object of developing properties in Gujarat and to provide consulting services like architectural & engineering in the same line. However, the Board was of the opinion that this particular line of business is not reaping the desired profits. The Board of Directors of the Company became desirous of tapping the opportunities available in the area of Textile Sector as the sector can offer significant growth potential to the Company. Since the Company is located in Gujarat which itself acts as a hub for textile industry, the Company approved the decision of changing its main objects. Owing to the change in main objects of the Company, the Company also approved the change of its name from “Osiajee Housing Developers Limited” to “Osiajee Texfab Limited” with effect from 20th May, 2015.

The main object of the Company is to carry on business in India or elsewhere the business of manufacturing, processing, packing, grading, crimping, twisting, washing, weaving, finishing, coloring, texturing, bleaching, dyeing, printing, mercerizing, embroidering, blending, garnering, stretching, cutting, selling, reselling, importing, exporting, trading, supplying and to act as manufacturer, brokers, agent, importers, exporters, designers, distributors, suppliers, liasioner export house, wholesale and retail dealers in all kinds of natural and synthetic yarns and fabrics made of material such as cotton, flax, hemp, linen, wool, nylon, viscose, ramie, polyester, Silk, art silk, tureen, jute, staple, fibres, cashmilon, filaments, terecotton, comofilaments, acrylics, polymeric, polypropylene, polymide, polymethane, cellulose, dropping, spun, other fibrous products including dressing and furnishing materials, sarees, dress materials, uniforms, readymade garments, embroidery fabrics, embroidery material, embroidery laces, bed lines, yarn and sewing thread and other similar items made on power loom, handloom or mill by manmade or natural materials.

Our Business

The Company is engaged in business of trading in textile products, the end users of which are various manufacturing houses.

The Company is currently involved in trading of fabrics.